Speaker – Veronica Gonzalez


Veronica Gonzalez serves as the Mapper Operations Lead at Wheel the World, an online travel marketplace with the purpose of making the world accessible, one destination at a time. Passionate about equality in all shapes and forms, she has been with the company since 2020, following a move to the San Francisco Bay Area and a postgraduate degree at the University of California at Berkeley.

The Mapper Program at Wheel the World is responsible for collecting accurate and detailed accessibility information on accommodations, activities, and transportations around the world by using a proprietary tool called the Accessibility Mapping System. This information is invaluable to travelers with disabilities since it ensures that their experiences are as worry-free and tailored to their needs as possible, while also serving an advocacy purpose as to what needs to change in the tourism industry. With her background in Sociology and User Experience, she has been able to bring a human-centered perspective to the Program, and as the lead, she oversees the entire process from the Mapper training to the publication of the accessibility data compiled by them.