Speaker – Sara Riis-Carstensen


The woman behind revitalizing LEGO’s and De Beers’ century-old brands, Sara Riis-Carstensen shares how creative, disruptive—and happy—teams are a blueprint for success.

During her time at LEGO, Sara transformed the toy brand into “the most powerful brand in the world.” Widely considered one of the world’s leading thought leaders for all things brand and marketing, she draws on her experience at companies including the DeBeers Group, Carlsberg, Giorgio Armani, Airbnb, BMW, Samsung and Birkenstock.

As Carstensen demonstrates, modern brands must be customer-centric. Even century-old businesses and luxury brands known the world over need to be directly connected to their customers with a 24/7, always-on digital strategy for keeping up with and being highly responsive to customer input, opinions and needs. With examples from her many successful and award-winning campaigns and brand strategies, Sara shows audiences how to redefine and revitalize brands to thrive in an increasingly global, digital marketplace.

Today, Sara is a sought-after strategic consultant who helps international clients build and transform their approach to branding, marketing and creative executions. She also serves on the Digital Advisory Board of the prestigious Royal Ballet School in the United Kingdom.

In her Scandinavian-infused, high-energy presentations, Sara shares her secrets for brand disruption and transformation, showing audiences how to build happy, productive teams and capture the hearts and minds of today’s consumers the Danish way.