Speaker – John Lambeth


John Lambeth, Civitas’ Founder & President, specializes in developing unique funding strategies for tourism and travel promotion. As a special districts lawyer, John has been working with groups of hotels and DMOs for 20 years and has revolutionized the funding paradigm for destination marketing throughout the US. He is the expert in tourism district creation: adopting enabling legislation, building support among tourism businesses and electeds, and guiding the formation process. He has written TID legislation for nine states, including two international tourism legislative efforts in El Salvador and Brazil. John was the 2014 recipient of the CalTravel Promotion and Advancement of Tourism Award. As the leader of Civitas, he has helped raise over $1.7 billion for his tourism clients!

The primary author of the Property and Business Improvement District Law of 1994, Mr. Lambeth also wrote legislation for several states and assisted with legislation in El Salvador and Brazil. He was instrumental in the drafting and adoption of California’s AB 483 to protect DMO funding for the travel industry.

Featured in Forbes for his efforts to transform marketing funding models, Mr. Lambeth also became the 2014 recipient of the Cal Travel Promotion and Advancement of Tourism Award. He and his firm have been recognized as national leaders in the development and implementation of revolutionary financing mechanisms for destination management.