Speaker – Jason Holic


Jason, an innovative thinker and strategic executive leader, is responsible for organizational technology planning as well as cross-functional systems deployment initiatives. Prior to joining Experience Kissimmee, Jason oversaw digital marketing initiatives for Universal Orlando Resort, where he earned an Excellence in Leadership Award while spearheading impactful online advertising strategies, the development of an advertising hotel demand modeling tool, and customer segmentation projects. When away from the office, Jason wastes no time in playing with his sons and going on date nights with his wife. Jason, who is an award-winning home brewer, is also a big fan of running, gardening, and manning the barbeque grill. Jason’s ideal “life menu” involves an evenly distributed serving of salt air, mountain air, and city air. Ideally, parts of this menu would be fulfilled while Jason checks off his bucket-list visits to the lands of his ancestors in Slovakia, Germany, and Poland. Jason currently holds a Master of Mass Communication from the University of South Carolina as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising/Public Relations from the University of Central Florida.