Speaker – Misty Wells


Misty Wells is the 1st Female Host of an Outdoor TV Show airing on the Fox Sports Network. From there Misty has taken her “Outdoor Adventure” brand to the next level airing in over 195 markets worldwide and growing to an audience of over 38 million viewers in just 1 year. Misty’s adventures take her from the water to the woods, from ‘mild to wild” experiencing adventure tourism at it’s finest. She is hunting for Pythons in the Everglades, wrestling Gators, swimming in open water with 16 foot Hammerheads in the Bahamas and landing monster Wahoo in the Cayman Islands. Misty can also be found on more milder adventures like White Water Rafting in North Caroline, fishing the historic water of St. Augustine and Ziplining from one Mountain Peak to another. Misty’s goal is to encourage and empower travelers to get outside and try something new, or introduce them to a new location to experience something unique they may have not known about. “I want to empower everyone and help give them confidence to get off the couch, do something different and not be worried if it’s something new”.