Tedd Evers

Tedd Evers

Founder and CEO, TripTuner

Tedd is the Founder & CEO of TripTuner, a fun and easy way to discover trip ideas by fine tuning addictive sliders, just as you would a stereo equalizer.  Its patented technology is the inspiration engine for leading travel brands in the US, Europe and South America, including the award winning VISIT FLORIDA Beach Finder and Attractions Finder.  TripTuner is a blend of Tedd’s experience traveling to over 68 countries, 17+ years in online marketing at places like Travelocity and as a DJ.

Tedd launched TripTuner in 2011 as a bootstrapped startup, leveraging the Lean Startup methodology to reach profitability in 14 months.  It has fine-tuned millions of preferences for travelers in over 192 countries and been featured in CNN, NBC News and The New York Times.


Break-Out Session: Get Integrated, Not Just Involved

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This Break-Out Session is sponsored by Adobe.

An overview of VISIT FLORIDA’s FY17-18 Marketing Plan including strategies, tactics and participation opportunities for Partners. Senior staff will unveil opportunities ranging from North American and International Advertising Cooperatives to tradeshows and grants for both large and small Partners. TripTuner will teach VISIT FLORIDA partners how they can harness the power of inspiration to engage and attract more travelers.

This session promises to give Partners the takeaways to better integrate themselves with VISIT FLORIDA’s marketing opportunities and programs, not just be involved in them.

Break-Out Session