Lisa Miksis

Lisa Miksis

Founder, Neirbi Analytics

Leveraging her decade of experience in the Media and Marketing industries, Lisa Miksis is Co-Founder of Neirbi Analytics, a sales and marketing company that focuses on analyzing market conditions and hotel performance variables to help predict future demand for a hotel.

At Neirbi, she leads the product development, user experience, and sales and marketing divisions.She is an award-winning media and marketing innovator with a proven track record leading an organization to success as Publisher of a media group in Connecticut for over 7 years.  Lisa has worked with hundreds of businesses to assist them in building their business through public relations and both traditional and digital marketing initiatives. She has vast experience with disruptive innovations from both sides of the table and excels at utilizing communication and research to solve strategic problems.  

Break-Out Session: Don’t be Intimidated by all the “Big Data”…..Harness it to Power More Effective Sales and Marketing Strategies

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This Break-Out Session is sponsored by Viant

What problems challenge your Sales and Marketing team the most? Is it the warm weather in New England when it was supposed to be 20 degrees and snowing? Is it the hotel property down the street securing all of the groups you want? Or maybe it is knowing in advance that demand in the market is higher or lower than anticipated so you can take action.

“Big Data” is definitely the buzzword of today not only in travel but all industries. The advances in technology over the last decade have increased our ability to capture and utilize all the incredible data (including weather, events and more) that is being generated every second of every day. It can seem overwhelming, but you can put this technology to work for you.

In this session we will talk about the ways data can help power more effective marketing campaigns and generate sales leads to help propel you ahead of your competition. All without you having to get a second degree in Mathematics and Statistics!

Break-Out Session