Jerry Harris

Jerry Harris

Assistant Director of Marketing & Air Service Development, Orlando International Airport

Jerry Harris joined the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority in 1993 as a Planner in Strategic Planning. The newly formed department was responsible for producing Orlando International Airport’s first strategic plan and providing support to the Marketing Department.

In 1995, Jerry joined the Marketing Department enabling him to provide better support to Marketing’s Air Service Development efforts. After serving as a Marketing Planner, Research Manager and Webmaster, he was promoted to Assistant Director and now oversees the Air Service Development, Business Development, Marketing and Research functions of the department as well as the airport’s web site.

Prior to joining GOAA, Jerry designed and developed computer systems for British Airways at London/Heathrow Airport, on a wide range of platforms from mainframe computers to PCs. In 1992, Jerry left British Airways and moved to Orlando, where he worked as a systems analyst/programmer for IBM.

Jerry was born in England, and graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BA in Business, specializing in Finance and Accounting.